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Roofing Services

Poorly fitted or poorly constructed roofing will cost a fortune in repairs and replacement bills, not to mention the stress and anxiety that goes with it. At Quality Roofing & Guttering we only work with the very best roofing materials and products. We believe in providing the best possible customer service and all our roofing products are fully guaranteed. Having worked in the roofing industry for many years, we have developed strong relationships with many of the world’s leading manufacturers, meaning we can provide you with the finest roofing systems for very affordable and competitive prices.
Defective pointing to ridge tiles, hip tiles and verges, slipped tiles, broken roof tiles and even sagging roof slopes are relatively minor defects that are fairly common. These can usually be rectified easily and without too much expense.

We can attend your home or business premises to undertake all kinds of repair work to your existing roof. Unrepaired defects can lead to leaks which, if left untreated can cause major damage.

UPVC Roofline

We specialise in designing and supplying high quality, stylish and attractive cladding, fascias and soffits for domestic, commercial and industrial properties across the local area.

Designed to provide your property with an attractive appearance while improving weather and wear and tear protection, our cladding, fascias and soffit options are highly cost effective and reliable.
Our guttering is made from the highest quality uPVC and is designed to comprehensively provide your home or business with protection from general wear and tear, flooding and the water damage that comes from that.

While improving the look and feel of your property, our uPVC guttering also saves you from having to spend vital funds on replacements, guttering repairs and flood damage repairs.

Flat Roofs

Our flat roofing specialist division carries out work on larger scale and specialised projects throughout the country in a wide range of sectors. They also provide technical advice and expertise to our branches across all flat roofing projects to help us offer you the best possible technical solution.

We can supply and install single ply membranes, bituminous felts and hot melt systems. This includes your insulation requirements, as well as structural decking, polyester powder coated aluminium soffits, fascias and cappings. We also specialise in installing common flat roof waterproofing systems.

Roof Cleaning & Coating

Uncontrolled moss on roof tiles can cause serious damage that leads to costly repairs. With the help of Keay Roofing Service, you can keep your roof moss-free and looking pristine. There is no specific roof type that moss prefers, and it will happily grow on most roofing materials. Whilst it may seem harmless, moss has been known to slowly degrade roofs and eventually allow water into homes.

Loose moss is also well known for falling into gutters, creating blockages and overspills that cause water damage to property. Another problem that can incur additional expense for repairs. This makes regular moss removal a must to keep your roof in good working order. Our roof moss removal service is effective on a variety of roofs without damaging the roofing materials or underlying structure.

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